Lailey’s Futures (or is that Lai Lee’s Future?)

As my brother and I have gotten older, we’ve realized that we need gifts less and less and have gone to a “draw a name” scenario (with a $100 limit). This year, my brother drew my name and was asking around for gift ideas. I guess my wife Debbie should have been more specific when she told him that putting some money towards “Lailey’s Futures” would make a nice gift for me.

Here’s the card I received from my brother:

Christmas Card

If you can’t read his scrawls, it reads:

“Merry Christmas Shawn!

First of all – you sure are a hard fellow to shop for. We asked Debbie for ideas and she told us that something you would really enjoy would be to invest in Lai Lee’s future. We lost our notes with the contact info but…Great News! – we were able to track her down via the Internet. Well, long story short – a donation of $100 has been made to Lai Lee in your name. All the very best!

Peggy, Scott, & Jess

P.S. Reply from Lai Lee attached.”

And to further the running gag, he created a “thank you” letter from Lai Lee for the funds allegedly donated in my name:

So not only did I get a real $100 donation towards my “Lailey Futures” purchases, we all got “many big smiles inside”!

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