Outstanding in Their Field

Read on to win free tickets!

Savvy Company has just announced a new wine event for Ottawa, and given that it includes some of my favourite wineries, I am genuinely excited for this event. It is simply impossible to visit every winery in Ontario (I’m still trying) and when more than 20 of them show up in Ottawa for a taste and buy event, it offers an easy way for citizens of the Ottawa region to sample from wineries that would take days to visit. This event features wineries from Twenty Bench area, otherwise known as Beamsville, Vineland, and Jordan.

The event takes place as follows:

Date: Friday October 19
Time: 7p.m.
Location: Panorama Room (2nd floor), National Arts Centre

Tickets are available in advance only and are $55.00 per person if purchased before October 10, 2012 and will be $60.00 after that. Groups of 4 people are $200.00. Ticket prices include HST. Purchase tickets through this link.

If you use my promo code you can buy tickets now for $50. If that sounds too steep and you still would like to go, leave a comment on this blog post about a great Ontario wine you have had and I’ll enter your name for a draw for 2 tickets to the event. No cash value and all that other stuff real companies pay lawyers to say. Draw date TBD but no later than October 12th.

Below are the list of wineries already signed up and what I like about them (where I have tried their wines):

13th Street Winery: Love their award winning Gamays and their sparkling wines.
Angels Gate Winery: Great portfolio from value wines from to top drawer Bordeaux-style reds and Pinots.
Aure Wines: “Giggle Juice” is the name of their entry level blends. Really.
Calamus Estate Winery: Great reds and whites. Cosmic.
Cave Spring Cellars: Unbelievable dry Rieslings. Great sparklers too.
Creekside Estate Winery: One of the best tasting adventures ever.
De Sousa Wine Cellars: Never been – looking forward to tasting!
Di Profio Wines: Home of one of the nicest couples in Niagara (great Cabernet Sauvignon & Gamay) and my favourite B&B.
Fielding Estates Winery: How many gold medals at Cuvee? Love Fielding. Perhaps Curtis (The Grape King 2012 himself) will also be here!
Flat Rock Cellars: Tons of great juice coming out of the Rock. Love the “Twisted” theme.
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery: The Speck Brothers know great wine. And that Cellar! Baco Noir anyone?
Kacaba Vineyards & Winery: Some of the biggest reds ON in their reserve series.
Malivoire Wine Company: Their winemaker’s name is Shiraz. Really! Need more?
megalomaniac – John Howard Cellars of Distinction: The names of the wines are enough to check them out but when they taste this good…
Peninsula Ridge Estates Winery: One of my favourite wine & dine destinations in the region. And great value Chardonnay!
Rockway Glen Golf Course & Estate Winery: Again – have never been or tasted. Anxious!
Rosewood Estates Winery & Meadery: The 09 Pinot Noir at $20 was one of the best values in Ontario. And who else does Mead?
Stoney Ridge Estate Winery: Great wines and another source of fantastic Chardonnay.
Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery: If they bring Robert’s Block Riesling run (don’t walk) over to try it!
Tawse Winery: Best Winery in Canada 2 years in a row. Need more?
The Good Earth Food & Wine Co: Another food and wine destination not to be missed. Hopefully they serve Betty’s Blend!

Lastly, if you have never been to a Taste & Buy event, Savvy Company offers this bit of info:

What is a Taste & Buy event?
Consumers can sample any number of the featured wines and order directly from the winery. Exclusive at this event, orders can be ANY combination of wines from ANY of the wineries and the wines will be delivered by courier to an Ontario address. And Savvy Company Sommeliers will be on hand to share wine recommendations and guide event goers to ‘must try wines’ based on their personal preferences.

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25 Responses to Outstanding in Their Field

  1. Krista says:

    I couldn’t come even if I did win, but I have to say this looks like a fantastic event. What a wonderful way to showcase some amazing Ontario wines for people who might not be able to visit the wineries. Great idea!

  2. Kelly Rusk says:

    Would love to win! Love the megalomaniac wines. I’ll admit I bought it because of the name but I’ll keep buying it because of the taste.

  3. Geneviève Brisson says:

    I have just returned from a (long overdue!) first time getaway to the Niagara wine region. Like you say, it’s impossible to visit every winery and we really did only skim the surface. I would love to be able to have the opportunities to discover more of them at this event! I found a gem in the botrytised riesling at Ravine Vineyard in St. Davids.

  4. Sue says:

    What a fantastic chance to taste and buy directly from the source! We enjoyed 100 Marks white and Creekside Broken Press with our meal tonight.

  5. Peter Jowett says:

    How could I not post a response for a chance to taste more wine! This weekend I went with my favorite wine to pair with turkey – a Riesling. It was the 2008 Chateau Des Charmes Old Vines, and it is maturing nicely. Luckily I have more in the cellar that I can open for the turkey leftovers.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Wow, I am so excited about this event! Given that my husband and I have not only just moved to Ottawa, we have also recently been discovering the plethora of truly amazing wines made right here in Ontario. This sounds like the perfect “date night” for us. One Ontario wine that sticks out for me is the Stratus White 2006 which was served at a dinner party with some close friends. Over a year later and I still think about it. I would love to begin stocking the “wine cellar” in our new home with some great Ontario wines. (and would love to win tickets!)

  7. mcshawn says:

    @Carolyn: Stratus White is a phenomenal wine. Good luck!

  8. mcshawn says:

    @Peter: I’m holding a case of that myself…it is going to age really well! Good luck!

  9. mcshawn says:

    @Sue: Wow – two great choices! We had a bottle of 100 Marks white as well – who knew Merlot could taste like that. Good luck!

  10. mcshawn says:

    @Kelly: If you ever get a chance, the megalomaniac winery is worth a visit. Beautiful location and the inside is amazing. Good luck!

  11. mcshawn says:

    @Geneviève: What year of Riesling was it? Shauna White (the winemaker at Ravine) told us the 2010 vintage has an even higher percentage of the botrytis grapes (up around 40% I think) than the 2009 (which had about 20%). Good luck!

  12. Andrew says:

    Looks likes great event! Really wishing Organized Crime was coming too as I just had their Chardonnay on Sunday….so amazing!

  13. pudgy says:

    hard for me to talk about just one ontario wine.
    cave springs riesling is probably one of the best i’ve had. i pair it with a lot of mild asian dishes i’ve had. excellent summer wine.

    huff estates 2010 pinot noir. very nice red. i’ve actually paired it with a steak salad and it held up beautifully.

    did a barrel tasting of norm hardie’s 2010 county pinot noir vs the 2010 niagara pinot noir. i preferred the county one but with a bit of decanting, the tannins in the niagara pinot softened beautifully. hard to choose a winner. they both were excellent.

  14. mcshawn says:

    @Andrew: I still have not cracked any of the Organized Crime – reminds me I need to finish a bunch of posts from the wine trip! Good Luck!

  15. mcshawn says:

    Thanks….er, Pudgy! Cave Springs rocks Riesling, no doubt. And county Pinot is way up there on my list of wines I love. Good Luck on Friday!

  16. What a great buzz about Outstanding in their Fields wine tasting event & Beamsville Bench wines. I am enjoying a glass of Fielding Riesling at the moment (left over from Thanksgiving dinner!)

    I’m looking forward to seeing you all there…and remember that Shawn has a special discount code so that you & friends get the best price in town $50 rather than $60. Just go to http://www.outstandingwines.eventbrite.com and type in UNCORK as the promo code. Share this with your wine loving friends & we’ll see you (& Shawn too) there!
    Oh BTW – if you would like to receive invitations to our upcoming wine, craft beer & artisan cheese events, drop me a note to cheers@savvycompany.ca & I will be sure to send you invitations…or Shawn will let you know too!

  17. Brad O'Connell says:

    I sure hope Between the Lines will show up with their Lemburger! One of the nicest Ontario Reds I have ever had….

  18. John Humphries says:

    Ontario wine won the Thanksgiving chardonnay ($ equilavent) contest! My relatives & I voted and Ontario was the clear winner.
    French vs NZ vs Ontario
    Champy Signature Bourgogne 2009 vs Oyster Bay 2011 vs Malivoire 2010. Malivoire showed that not only can Ontario produce good wines but also that they can also be $ competative. 🙂

  19. mcshawn says:

    @Brad: I’m still holding the two bottles I picked up. Between the Lines would be more in the NOTL area though so likely won’t attend. Road trip?

  20. mcshawn says:

    @John: Ontario can make kick ass cold climate wines for sure. I haven’t had the Malivoire 2010 but now I want to try it!

  21. Jeff Larose says:

    Hi Shawn. I will confess I hardly ever drink wine and I can’t ever remember drinking an Ontario wine. If you do let me into your contest though I’ll be sure to get some experience with it 🙂 Sounds like a fun way to spend a Friday night and to find a bottle of something to buy.

  22. mcshawn says:

    @Jeff: How could I turn down an honest entry like that? 🙂

  23. Geneviève Brisson says:

    @mcshawn: I’m not 100% certain, but I do believe it was the 2010. It was such an incredibly interesting wine! And thanks – crossing my fingers!

  24. Karen Bomba-Reed says:

    I would like to enter your contest. it sounds like a fabulous time with wonderfully knowledgeable, appreciative people!
    As requested to enter, A nicely recommended Ontario wine is from the Vineland Estates 2011 Chenin Blanc!
    I hope to hear back from you.
    I think your app is brilliant! I’ve shared it with fellow folks who appreciate knowing key locations to stop at. Thank you!

  25. mcshawn says:

    @Karen: Love that wine! Good Luck!

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