April 10th Wine Chat: April 10th (confirmed): Screw Caps, Corks, or Synthetics Closures – What’s Best?

There’s lots of reasons for and against the various types of bottle closures. Cork had a long history of failure due to TCA (“cork taint”) which drove the innovations in different types of closures. But now cork has improved significantly, there are issues with the newer, non-cork closures, and everyone has an opinion on what is best. And then there are new advances with glass stoppers, people using crown caps, and other ways of sealing a bottle. We’ll talk about some of the pros and cons of each of the different types of closures in this week’s #ONWineChat.

Interested in some background reading? Here’s a few interesting articles (feel free to recomnend additional links!):

A very dated but decent introduction to the issue from Jamie Goode:

Wall Street journal article about plastic enclosure market and Nomacorc specifically:

Wine Access experiment:

Which is Greener article from Wine Access:

Another look at cork vs screwcap.

Another post by Jamie Goode that touches on the reductive possibilities of screw caps.

The last word (almost) on closures.

And a funny video from Ed Madronich at Flat Rock Cellars on Ed Madronich FRC on the debate.

New! Glass corks – Wine Spectator ?

New! A Wikipedia Wikipedia on alternate closures.

New! Crown caps on wine bottles just like the old stubby beer bottles. Crown Caps?

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