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UPDATE (March 27, 2013): 2000 downloads. 164 Wineries. Still free! We’re working on a new update which should be out in the next couple of months. Stay tuned.

UPDATE (July 9th, 2011): Get the updated App here.

UPDATE (June 21st, 2011): We’ve submitted a new build to fix a couple of issues pointed out by our early users, namely:
– Added the web links for the winery web sites
– Fixed the 1-800 number dialing issue
– Added hot links to any URLs listed in the description of the wineries or in the routes
– Added the ability to select the winery in the map view
– Reduced file sizes to improve performance when devices have poor data connections

UPDATE (June 3rd, 2011): The FREE Uncork Ontario app is available here in iTunes. Try it out and send us your feedback – it’s the best way for us to improve it.

As of today, we have 151 wineries (10 different wine routes) represented, with a few more still to load!

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So we’re in the final stages of development on the Uncork Ontario app. We’ve been keeping it quiet as we’ve been developing it, but now that we’re close to release and collecting info from various Ontario wineries, it’s time to come out of stealth mode.

The idea for the app came out of a trip to PEC, where my wife Debbie and I realized that many of the small, family-operated wineries were not listed on the various marketing maps put out by different organizations (I still have the map with “X”s drawn on it by Bruno from @TheOldThird pointing us to other small vineyards he recommended). Sometimes they were too new and missed the printing, other times they couldn’t afford the fees associated with these organizations.

As it has gotten easier to develop applications and offer them directly to the consumer, I set off with a friend to develop an iPhone/iPod application that we intend to provide FREE through Apple. It will list every winery that I can find info on in the province, and provide salient details like operating hours, directions, and contact info. There’s also a small photo gallery for each, and I am building some custom Routes that should appeal to a variety of tastes and interests.

There’s also no fee for wineries to get listed. I see this as our gift to the Ontario wine industry, that little something that I could do to help lift the industry as a whole, and get more people exploring the great wine regions of Ontario. If you are a winery in Ontario and have not heard from us yet (we are contacting all of you), feel free to ping us at the contact info below or leave a comment.

I’d like to eventually get it onto Blackberry and Android mobiles as well but we’ll have to see how it goes on Apple to start. I also have some more ideas and would like to progress the functionality, so stay tuned.


Twitter: @UncorkOntario

UPDATE: Added a couple of screenshots below:

Vineland Estate Winery’s Page

Karlo Estates Page

Full Map Integration for Driving Directions

Listing view vs Map View

7 Responses to Get The App!

  1. Tom Moore says:

    On my 3gs (32MB) using wifi (i.e. not mobile data)
    Your app runs very sluggishly after about 5 seconds. Initially it will scroll through the winery list fairly promptly but then it gets very slow. It seems to be busy downloading winery graphics. In fact, assuming it proceeds sequentially, it seems to be stuck trying to find the graphic for Vinoteca Premium Winery.

    I’m not sure, but also seems to slow down other apps when it’s running.

    Nice idea. I hope you can get the wrinkles worked out

  2. mcshawn says:

    Thanks Tom – we have not seen that specific behaviour but some overall sluggishness. We are working on it now and hope to have a new release out soon that improves this (or addresses it completely). Stay tuned!

  3. Laurie Stewart says:

    Please make an Android version. I love visiting wineries and always buy some from local wine makers.

  4. mcshawn says:

    Hey Laurie – I thought I had replied to this but in cleaning up some stuff today it looks like it never appeared. Android is likely the next platform I will look at once we finish the enhancements on the current platform. (Blackberry on the other hand, is just a little too difficult to develop for…).

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  6. David Buttery says:

    Is app available on Windows phone?

  7. mcshawn says:

    Sorry David – I’ve only been able to develop against the iPhone/iPad so far. As it is not a revenue-generating app, it is difficult to support multiple versions.

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