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  1. Brodie Bigold says:


    First off, thanks for following me on Twitter!

    Second, i’d love to chat with you a bit about how you developed your app? It’s something I have been thinking about for our company.

    Lastly, i’d love to get the chance to sample you some wine! A little 13th Street perhaps?

    Brodie Bigold
    Barrel Select Wines

  2. Trisha says:

    I found our app on iTunes yesterday, then when I got home to download t, it was gone! I’m heading the Twenty Valley/Bench area for a winery wander this weekend and was looking forward to trying your app… Hope it’s back soon!


  3. mcshawn says:

    Thanks Trisha. As per our email I did quickly check the search terms and I have all versions of Ontario, Wine, and Winery but not the term “Ontario Wineries”. I’ll have to see if I can update the data on iTunes to correct this. In the interim searching “Ontario Wine” does return the app. Thanks!

  4. Summer says:

    Hi Shawn!

    I love your wine blog, especially with the strong focus on wineries and our great grapes from Ontario!

    My name is Summer and I’m the Social Media Coordinator of a wine-loving community called Tasting Notes powered by Atomic Reach. This is a tribe I am starting up, to act like an online cellar focused on finding the perfect balance for our palettes!

    I’m looking for bloggers who would be interested in uploading their delicious posts to our site. This will be an opportunity for you to captivate a larger audience! As a pilot project, the platform has the potential to generate greater amounts of traffic to your blog. With bloggers’ fresh and high-quality content, it will be embraced by a company client who will extend its distribution to a larger population of engaged viewers, increasing readership on your content.

    From casual wine drinkers to budding connoisseurs, this program is focused on offering compelling and relevant content to people interested in wining and dining. You can check out the site here: Please note that the articles are not wine-worthy notes, they are just there for show. For now.

    If you’re interested in joining our project, send me an email to, subject line: Tasting Notes and I will send you an invite into the community. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them directly. I look forward to you joining the tasty tribe!



  5. Tom Moul says:

    Hi Shawn
    I saw your article in the Brockville newspaper, very impressive. I went to your website and found that you donot have any links or info on the newest winery in Ottawa – Jabulani Vineyard & Winery – in Richnmond, Ottawa. Take a look at the website –

    We look fwd to hearing from you – cheers Tom

  6. Barry Tuddenham says:

    Read with interest a recent article in the Globe and Mail that said screw caps lined with a product called Saranex were best for storing wine….better I gather than natural cork.
    I am making wine at home, and expect to have 1,000 bottles aging by the end of the year. From then on, will slow down, but want a good stock of wine that can age as I do… 🙂
    I have several restaurants supplying me with bottles. Most of the screw cap type come without caps. Would you know where I can buy some suitable screw caps, preferably with the Saranex lining, or something similar

  7. Janet Moul says:

    Thanks so much for including the Marquette/Shiraz in your top wines list – it was one of my favourites too. We had a great first season and we are aiming on having a wider variety of wines for 2012 – (yes, don’t worry, we are already aging the next addition of the Marquette/Shiraz) – see you in the spring.

    J and Tom
    Jabulani Vineyard and Winery
    Celebrate Always!

  8. Andrew & Kim MacDowell says:

    Heard about this site from Mr. & Mrs. McCormick (Sr.) this past weekend (great ambassadors!). Very glad to see fellow Ontarians devoting time to the terrific wine experiences to be had here in our home province. Will watch/participate going forward!

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  11. Arthur Harder says:

    Greetings stumbled on your cork discussion.

    here another link where Hugel moves 100% to diam in 2009 after 10 years of research.

    BTW, I introduced this cork to Ridgepoint.

    regards, Arthur

  12. Erin Maynes says:

    I’d love to participate in a discussion about shipping wine across provincial lines – what impact would this have on growth of the wine industry in Canada?

    Coming this summer, will begin listing small lot Canadian wineries. You’ll be able to buy directly from several dozen of the best winemakers across the country. Keep an eye out for it here:

  13. Elaine Peters says:

    caon you put the tracking form on here instead of only via the link. my keyboard on my laptop is much better than the soft keyboard on my samsung. If I have to fill out a report correctly, I want a decent keyboard to do it.

  14. SAVE THE DATE!! Prince Edward County Wine Growers Association and the Rotary Club of Wellington Present WINE CELEBRATION!! Saturday August 9, 2014 at 6:30 p.m., Wellington & District Community Centre, Wellington Ontario
    Local Wine & Cheese Tastings; 4 Course Dinner; Dance Band; Silent Auction.

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