Almost all my tasting notes are based on winery samples, tasting events, or purchased bottles. Occasionally I am given bottles to sample but when that is the case, I will mention it at the bottom of the review. Providing sample bottles in no way guarantees a review.

If you would like further information about providing samples, you can contact us in one of several ways:

Email: or
Twitter: @UncorkOntario
Phone: 613-839-3042
Mail: 10 Marchvale Drive, Kanata, ON K2W 1C2

5 Responses to Samples

  1. Hi Shawn and Deb
    Have you tried King’s Court Apple Wine? (I’m looking forward to trying the wild blueberry) Their 2012 Sauvignon Blanc just won an award among others

    They’re 7th generation vintners dating back to the 1700s

    King’s Court Award Winning Wines – if you’d like to see the highlighted ones.

    I do food reviews, but not wines at the moment, thus thought you might be interested

  2. mcshawn says:

    We have not – another one of the wineries we have yet to make it too unfortunately. Will make note that we should try to get there and try the Apple wine soon! Thanks!

  3. Fred says:

    According to the AGCO, Ontario wineries are not allowed to give out free bottles of wine. Am I wrong or interpreting the regulations incorrectly.

  4. mcshawn says:

    Fred – I don’t read the regulations so I couldn’t tell you what they say…

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