App Update

Uncork Ontario Map View

As I recently toured Niagara, I frequently was asked how things were going with the free “Uncork Ontario” iPhone app. Given that it has been about a year since I launched the first (albeit a little buggy) release, I figured it was worth looking at the data. Here are the highlights:

  • Nearly 1300 downloads of the app
  • Averaging 120 invocations per week
  • Busiest July-September
  • In spite of people saying old media is dead, the largest addition of users came after the article on the app ran in the Ottawa Citizen
  • The second highest day of usage was Tuesday April 3, 2012 and I have no idea why! 🙂

I get asked a lot about support for Android and Blackberry versions. Blackberry has (and will be) a real development challenge for free apps due to the current development complexity. I’d like to do an Android version next but need to first figure out a revenue stream to pay for that development.

I am planning on releasing a new iPhone app to cover an up and coming wine region in another part of Canada. Stay tuned.

Happy touring!


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