Canadian Wine, Eh?


Back 10 Cellars vineyard in Niagara

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the passing of Bill C 311, that removed the archaic federal laws against wine crossing borders within Canada. The provinces however, are still slow to acknowledge that this should be a great thing for Canada and several still think it should be against provincial law to ship wine across provincial boundaries. The only way the provincial governments will get their act together and do something progressive is if consumers take action. #BCWineChat had a great conversation on the topic here last Wednesday. But enough about Ontario still living in the 1920s.

Today we’re celebrating the passing of Bill C 311, and hoping that we can generate enough noise in Social Media that folks reach for a great bottle of Canadian wine for their¬†festivities¬†this weekend instead of something imported. There are so many reasons to reach for Canadian wine, but as I proclaim every year – drink Canadian wine because it is excellent…not just because it is Canada Day. Then repeat the process throughout the year. It’s the only way we’re going to build a “Canadian Wine Culture” in this country.

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 2.59.40 PM

Uncork Ontario…or Nova Scotia, or Quebec, or British Columbia!

So open something from a Canadian winery. VQA is great, but so are the non-VQA fruit wines and some small winery wines that haven’t been able to get wines VQA-approved yet. Pass on the imported and or blended wines. You won’t be sorry! If you use Twitter, tweet what you are opening today with #CanadianWineDay or #CdnWineDay so we can see who is drinking what coast-coast. I’ll capture the conversation here: Click Here




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