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Mr. and Mrs. Uncork Ontario 🙂

Uncork is a place for me to talk about wines and wineries of Ontario. My wife Debbie and I have become huge supporters and promoters of the great wines produced right here in Ontario, and we wanted a place to document the visits, tours, and tastings in more than 140 characters. This site should evolve over time, just like a great big Ontario red wine. I got hooked enough on wine that I ended up taking the Sommelier program and WSET 3 courses at Algonquin College here in Ottawa, and I enjoy sharing wine reviews – mainly on Instagram these days.

Although we had developed an iPhone/iPod/iPad app (with the help of Nathan) to help you while touring wine country, we’ve had to let it atrophy as the development efforts to keep it up to date were just not realistic given that it was a free app. Like many things, it’s time had come and it was time to move onto new things.

Those new things included buying a vacation home in Prince Edward County, just on the outskirts of Picton in June of 2016. It was a beautiful home, in need of lots of TLC. We’ve been working on it pretty much non-stop since we took possession and we’re pretty proud of the end result. If you’d like to find out more about renting the place, here’s the link:


Last, here’s a little “Search Story” about us I made several years ago.


3 Responses to About Us

  1. Phil Ryan says:

    We are just belatedly catching up on the great package you have developed for Ontario wines. We had a visit in August from a fellow who had navigated from Windsor enroute to Beamsville and found us along the way, with the winery app. We sure appreciate your efforts!
    Carol and Phil Ryan

  2. mcshawn says:

    Hi Carol & Phil – glad to hear that people are finding it useful…I built it just so people would be able to find wineries just like yours! Thanks for the feedback. Shawn.

  3. John Humphries says:

    When will the others versions debut? Blackberry (Ontario eh!) & the other, non-Windows, one. 🙂
    Not that I can accommodate more juice, but …

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