TGCWC – Rules Update and Weekly Reporting

Keep Calm

We’ve noticed that hardly anyone is reporting their wine consumption on a weekly basis, and even Calvin and I had a hard time getting last week’s report out. We have implemented a new format (see CHANGED section below) that should make this easier on all of you.

(REVISED September 23, 2013)

  • NEW! Registration has been extended through the month of September. We’ll keep some prizes just for those who registered on or before the 1st of September, but we’re using the month of September to encourage more Canadians to join the Challenge!
  • It is all about drinking great Canadian wine, but it is also about having fun along the way!
  • The duration of the Challenge is 12 calendar months, starting Sept 1, 2013 (or September anytime in September up to September 30th)
  • You may only purchase or open Canadian Wine for the duration of the Challenge. This allows for a few exceptions like international wine events that may be attended, dinner parties where the host unwittingly opens something non-Canadian, wine-related courses you may be taking where other wines may be opened, and events like i4c2014 or The Riesling Experience where it would be terrible to miss the international wines on offer. With feedback, we decided to allow for international travel exemption as well, as we know how hard it is to get Canadian wine within Canada, let alone the rest of the world!
  • You must drink wine from at least three (3) provinces during the 12 month period, and at least 12 different wines during that time.
  • Any Canadian wine counts – VQA, non-VQA, fruit wines, anything that involves fermenting fruit from this great country of ours.
  • To join in the fun, declare your intention in the comments section of this post, send a Tweet to @TGCWC, or email
  • CHANGED: Commit to a weekly update:
    • A TGCWC week starts on Sunday and ends on the following Saturday.
    • Each week, a Tweet to Followers of @TGCWC will provide a link to the Weekly Update form for the preceding week. The Tweet will normally go out on a Saturday. Complete the questions and submit the form. You will have until the following Friday to submit your Weekly Update. To illustrate:

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 2.45.39 PM

    • Participants who are not Following @TGCWC will receive the link via email, with the same timeline.
    • If you are late submitting a Weekly Update, it will still count towards your participation; however, it won’t appear in Calvin and Shawn’s weekly summary, and you might not be eligible for some prizes.
  • If you are on Twitter, follow @TGCWC, @TheEvilDoctorD, @UncorkOntario, and use the #TGCWC hashtag of course!
  • As this is not a contest, prizes will be awarded through some random mechanism yet to be determined (at the beginning, throughout the year, and at the conclusion of the Challenge).
  • If it ever happens that you are no longer “master of your domain” (as they say on Seinfeld), tweet “I’m out” to @TGCWC.
  • Buy some wine from your favourite wineries across Canada and get popping those corks!
The “fine print”: By participating in The Great Canadian Wine Challenge, participants agree to release and hold harmless Calvin Hanselmann, Shawn McCormick, their affiliated and related companies, and all of their respective directors, officers, shareholders, employees, agents, successors and assigns, from any and all liability for injuries, loss or damage of any kind arising from or in connection with this contest or the prize won. Calvin Hanselmann and Shawn McCormick reserve the right to terminate or suspend the Challenge or modify it in any way and do not assume responsibility should the Challenge be cancelled, suspended or delayed for any reason beyond their control.
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6 Responses to TGCWC – Rules Update and Weekly Reporting

  1. Ryan Nevitt says:

    I see your challenge and raise my glass in a salute to all the participants and lovers of this countries world glass wines! Cheers RN. Follow @R_nevitt

  2. Corrine Gable says:

    I wish to register and be apart of this exciting event/challenge. From Kelowna B.C.

  3. mcshawn says:

    Thanks Corrine! Happy to have more BC folks join in!

  4. Harry Jaako says:

    Fantastic challenge! Welcome to my world. I live in Whistler and have committed to supporting Canadian wine producers for the past ten years. I have 800 bottles of BC wines in my cellar, and pour 300 bottles/year, including a glass or two with dinner most evenings, dinner parties, taking along to friends parties, and large social events throughout the year. I top up my inventory by taking 2-3 buying trips to the Okanagan every year.

    Thank you everyone for your commitment to Canadian wines! Our Canadian wine producers will so appreciate this!

  5. Sharon Rurka says:

    Love my Ontario wines. We travel to the Niagara region twice a year to stock up on wines not available in the LCBO.

  6. hugh kruzel says:

    Would love to sign up for photo challenge… Don’t see mechanism though. I gotta stay on time of all my email better. See stuff from you from way back.

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