Day 21: Ontario Wine Blogger Krista Lamb

Krista Lamb

Blogger Krista Lamb


Today’s post is about yet another active member of the Ontario wine community, blogger Krista Lamb. I also first “met” Krista through Twitter (she’s also an active participant in our weekly #ONWineChat) , and have since met in person a couple of times at different events.

Krista blogs about her wine adventures, including her wine education, wine trips, wine events in the Toronto area, and now restaurant reviews. Her husband Shawn will be contributing beer reviews as well – making her blog a well-rounded one indeed!

Q1: How and when did you first get interested in Ontario wine?
A1: I actually found my way to wine via social media. I started following Brian Schmidt at Vineland Estates a few years ago and reached out to let him know I was interested in learning more about VQA. He responded so kindly and put me in touch with many local wine advocates on Twitter. He started me down the path to becoming a huge wine nerd and was the catalyst for me starting to blog about wine. My life has changed immeasurably for the better due to that kindness and the many friends I have made in the Ontario (and international) wine community since then.

Q2: What do you find most interesting about the Ontario wine industry?
A2: Wine in Ontario is fascinating! The terroir can change so much depending on where you are in the province. And even vineyards a few miles away from each other can have a completely different growing experience. There’s so much more variety and versatility than many people realize. I’ve also made it my personal mission to educate more of the world about the amazing dry wines being produced here. Outside of Canada there is still a belief that Icewine is the only wine we make – I’d love to see that change.

Q3: Which Ontario wine regions have you visited?
A3: I’ve visited Niagara and Prince Edward County extensively. I’ve recently visited Ontario’s Southwest (Norfolk County) and have plans to explore even more in the years to come. There’s so much wine being made in this province and I want to experience more of the regions first-hand.

Q4: Any favourite wineries? If so, what makes them your favourite?
A4: I will forever have a soft spot for Vineland Estates because I believe my passion for wine was born there and they produce some of my favourite wines. Beyond that it’s hard to choose favourites – there are so many wineries making great wine. I feel like I played a small part in the launch of Three Dog Winery in PEC, which makes them dear to me, and I am forever being impressed by what Glenn is doing at Lighthall Vineyards. DiProfio is another winery I feel quite close to – it’s hard not to feel special when you visit there. They are just lovely people making very good wine.

Q5: What do you see in the future for the Ontario wine industry?
A5: I think Ontario is only beginning to come into its own. I hope that in the years to come more people will realize that wine in the province has improved greatly from the days of Baby Duck. There is a lot more education needed, but I do see attitudes and ideas starting to change. Hopefully we will find ourselves on the world stage for more than icewine in the not too distant future.

Q6: If you had any advice to give Ontario wineries, what is it?
A6: Create a community. Be welcoming on social media, celebrate your customers, make people feel like they’re part of an amazing Ontario wine community. The more people feel like they’re a part of the tapestry of the Ontario wine scene, the more they will want to support the wines and the further the word will carry. We all need to work together to grow this community and get all wine drinkers excited about what’s happening in the province.

Q7: What’s your social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.) of choice?
A7: You can follow me on Twitter @kristalamb and on Instagram @kristavino

Q8: What was the last bottle of Ontario wine you opened?
A8: A rosé from Trail Estate Winery in PEC – they’re making some good wine there and I look forward to their next vintage. I have a 2011 Coyote’s Run sparkling Chardonnay in the fridge right now for when my husband gets home – so that will be the next one. Coyote’s Run is another winery that’s making some impressive Chardonnay and Pinot Noir right now.

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