New Lang Syne from Beau’s

Colourful Packaging

When I was asked to try Beau’s New Lang Syne, Taylor Campbell from Beau’s explained that they were asking some folks more associated with wine to try this specialty beer as it was something quite a bit different.

Not only is the packaging beautifully done (doesn’t it remind you of a sparkling wine?), the contents themselves are just as well done. Bottle-conditioned with Champagne yeast, the cork comes out fairly easily, as this beer is well carbonated (careful!), and pours with a massive head.

Aged in oak wine barrels for 4 months, this Belgian Tripel style beer is quite a unique offering! The nose imparts baking spice and clove on top of citrus peel and wet stone. There’s hints of traditional hops intermingled which makes this a beer (I almost said wine!) that you can sip over a longish period (if you can resist).

The frothy head diminishes to provide a palate thats starts off fruit forward and malty, showing tropical fruit and some buckwheat honey sweetness. It’s moderate weight belies the 9% alcohol of this Tripel, and the hops are well balanced with the malts. There’s a slight astringency (can this really be tannins in a beer?) and the finish is clean and slightly drying, showing some more baking spice and white pepper.

A very special and very tasty beer for your loved ones over the holidays. I recommend you find some of these before they all disappear, as they are a limited item. Available at the LCBO and the Brewery in Vankleek Hill (that’s the “VKH” on the tag).

$16.00, and I give it ****1/2 out of 5.

(Sample was provided free of charge by Beau’s All Natural Brewing)


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