All things related to the Great Canadian Wine Challenge will be parked here going forward. Hang on for a bit until we figure out the best way to present the data! Interviews Shawn from

Adam from WineWine interviews Shawn McCormick from The Great Canadian Wine Challenge

Nov 8, 2013: The great folks at WineWire wanted to interview Calvin or I about The Great Canadian Wine Challenge. I drew the short straw! Here’s the video!

Sponsors to Date:

Wine Align

Rosewood Estates

Karlo Estates


Rosehall Run


Palatine Hills Estate Winery


Vineland Estates Winery



My Wine Canada

10 Responses to TGCWC

  1. Andrew Weber says:

    Well, time for a weekly update to my personal The Great Canadian Wine Challenge. Had to take it easy this week after freak accident where I broke my baby toe, so very little sampling has taken place, however we got an invite for dinner to a close friend and we just couldn’t say no. Mickey and I picked through our humble collection and picked our a Cab Franc from Karlo Estates. Lovely wine with a deep red colour. Went well with the veggie chili (beans, rice, cilantro, cheese). Oh and yesterday we arranges for a wine cellar planner to come over during the week to look at our space and maybe come up with a cool little cellar. Exciting stuff as I a hobble around! Next update in a weeks time!

  2. Andrew Weber says:

    Well the new home theater was usuable this week and Michelle and I took full advantage of it catching up on the last season of Breaking Bad with a fine bottle of Lailey 2012 Muscat. We also enjoyed a lovely Pinot Noir from Karlo Estates watching World War Z. Last weekend we saw the Watchmen (3 hours!!!) and had Huff 2011 Off Dry Riesling and started in on Megalomanic’s Homegrown Cellar 4379. Somewhere during the week we squeezed in a Merlot from Colaneri! Movies and wine do go together it would seem!

  3. Burns Wattie says:

    So does this note register me for TGCWC? Hope so.
    My first ‘note’:
    Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Coffin Ridge Winery in Owen Sound to replenish my supply of their offerings.
    Since they’re on the Niagara Escarpment, there’s a terroir DNA somewhat similar to NOTL.

  4. mcshawn says:

    It does indeed Burns. Watch for the simple update form to fill out!

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  7. Lori says:

    this year of drinking Canadian wines not only intrigues me, as a participant, to try new things…but I am now also curious to travel more and see some of the other parts of the country that are famous for their wines. Being from the Okanagan originally, I thought I knew a lot but realize now, I have way more to learn – way way more!

    Thanks for doing this!

  8. mcshawn says:

    Glad to have you on board Lori!

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