Wine Chat May 1st: Appassimento Style Wines

May 1st, 2013: Appassimento style wines – Who’s using the process? Why is it popular? Pros & Cons. Not sure what that is? The appassimento process refers to a partial drying of the grape in order to concentrate the flavour and sugars, etc. (what one of my profs would call the “dry extract”). Here’s some background articles:

Passito, Appassimento, & Recioto.

Recent CCOVI presentation on this style of wine.

John Szabo on Appassimento wines. And David Lawrason chirps in too.

Grape Growers article.

Rick VanSickle on the style.

Spotlight Toronto post by Mike Dicaro.

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  1. Happy to chat about how we use appassimento to reflect the fantastic terroir of our Beamsville bench vineyard

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