2010 Hinterbrook Franc Blanc

Yes. You read that right. A white wine made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes. I was expecting a slight pink colour but this is a white wine through and through, and apparently followed a typical white wine process (again see more details from @Rickwine here).

A pale yellow, the wine opens with nectarine and tangerine orange notes. On the nose, it reminds me more of a Sauvignon Blanc than anything else. On the first sip, a full-bodied white reminiscent of a Gewurztraminer hits the palate, but it is full, round, and smooth (and not sweet at all) – unlike anything else I have had. There is some nice acidity, and the citrus mouth lingers.

Hinterbrook recommends pairing with Asian food (on the bottle), and it would likely make a great alternative to whatever you normally serve. Definitely different, and definitely worth trying! According to Rick’s post, only 50 (!!) cases were made.

13.8% Alcohol (wow!) and available only at the winery (opening May 7th) or online.

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