2007 Vineland Brut Reserve (Charmat Method)

After a hot, hard day of yard work clearing up the damage from the windstorm, we were looking for something refreshing to sip on while we grabbed the last bit of sunlight out on the deck. Last summer at Fiesta Buckhorn, I had attended a presentation by Debbie Trenholme (@savvydebbie) on sparkling wines. She had paired them with popcorn and potato chips and had suggested that sparkling wines weren’t just for New Years any more, so we thought that would make a great afternoon refresher. We grabbed some “healthy” chips and headed out to the patio.

The Brut has citrus and pineapple notes above the bubbles. It almost seems a touch off-dry at some points but it is quickly replaced with the citrus and effervescence. The salt of potato chips paired well with the wine and if anything, encouraged us to try some more. It definitely made for a refreshing late afternoon snack. Everyone was impressed with how well the chips paired with the wine – we’ll all be drinking more sparkling wine in the future.

Wine was received through the Vineland Wine Club – not sure if they have more at the Winery or not. [UPDATE: It is still available at the winery, and they can ship anywhere in Ontario] From the Vineland Website, the wine is 50% Pinot Meunier, 50% Chardonnay. Alcohol is 11.0 %.

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2 Responses to 2007 Vineland Brut Reserve (Charmat Method)

  1. j murdoch says:

    What is the price of the 2007 brut /charmat method

  2. mcshawn says:

    I’m pretty sure it was $22.95 or so. Their online store lists the 2008 only, so perhaps that is the current vintage now (also $22.95).

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