Savvy Company’s Sip, Savour & ‘Selebrate’! +CONTEST

The Event

I’ve been attending the Savvy Company year-end event for the last few years. I really think it is the best event of the year and this year they are offering a slight format change that makes it even easier to drag your beer-loving partner or spouse out for the evening while you try the wines you love. If you want a refresher of what happens at the event, check out my post from last year here. Let’s just say that it is a great environment to sample wine (and beer), celebrate the season, and this year, help raise some money for a great fundraiser (The United Way).

Win Tickets!

If you act quickly, you can win:

  • a pair of tickets to the event
  • (optionally) a guided tour, introductions to some of the winemakers and winery representatives, and matching tastings with your preferences from your truly!
  • Name will be drawn randomly Thursday morning
To win, all you need to do is tell me about a great Ontario wine or local craft beer you’ve enjoyed via:
  • A tweet to @UncorkOntario
  • A comment on this post
  • A comment on the UncorkOntario facebook page

 So Who’s Coming?

So far there are 5 craft brewers signed up and about 15 wineries from PEC and Niagara. Here’s the list as of today:


Casa-Dea Estates Winery (PEC): I haven’t been here in 3 or so years but with a lineup that includes sparkling, Riesling, Chardonnay, Gamay, and Cab Franc you are bound to find something you like.

Cattail Creek Family Estate Winery (Niagara): We visited Cattail in March and had a great tasting (including a fantasting late harvest Meritage)

Chateau des Charmes (Niagara): The Bosc family is producing a vast array of wines from inexpensive value wines to their iconic Equuleus Bordeau Blend. With so many wines to choose from it will be interesting to see what they bring.

Closson Chase Winery (PEC): Most well-known for the Chardonnay that winemaker Deborah Paskus crafts, it will be interesting to see what they bring.

Diamond Estate Wines (Niagara): Diamond has been buying up other wineries in the Niagara area and now has 8 or 9 lines under their brand including 20 Bees, Dan Akroyd, and East Dell. Lots of wines to choose from.

Kacaba Vineyards (Niagara): Kacaba has been making a name for themselves with some amazing reserve reds, but we ended up with 8 bottles of their Chardonnay from the last Savvy event.

Keint-He Winery and Vineyard (PEC): Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are the mainstay of their portfolio, one of only two wineries making Pinot Meunier into a still wine in Ontario (that I know of).

Lailey Vineyard (Niagara): Hopefully they have the 2010 reds with them. I bought way too many on their “futures” program last year: I’m still reluctant to drink these – they are that good.

Lighthall Vineyards (PEC): Funny – it seems like I know winemaker Glenn Symons because my good friends have, and so has my wife, and they tell me stories about what a great guy he is. I know I like the wines he is producing – from his sparkling Vidal to his Pinot Noir.

Marynissen Winery and Estates (Niagara): One of my favourite places in Niagara. More details in this post. I hope he brings the 100 Marks wine!

Palatine Hills Estate Winery (Niagara): Is Jeff Innes of Palatine the most underrated winemaker in Ontario? I think so.

Pondview Estate Winery (Niagara): With Fred Di Profio making wine here as well as at Di Profio Wines, you know it has to be good. Their 2010 Cab Franc is not cheap at $30, but you won’t forget it once you have tasted it.

Rosehall Run Vineyard & Winery (PEC): Winemaker Dan Sullivan is producing great juice in the county, and keeping the prices pretty reasonable, which is a tough thing to do with county fruit. Check out his Pinot if it is there.

Sandbanks Winery (PEC): Sandbanks likely makes more quaffable wines than anyone else in the County. If you want to try something great with pizza, check out their Baco Noir.

Strewn Winery (Niagara): We’ve been members of the Strewn Wine Club for 3 years now. Their Terroir wines have always impressed and the regular label wines have been getting better in the last couple years.


I don’t get out to pubs too often (except Mill Street) but I have made it to a Savvy Beer event where I sampled Ashton, Clocktower, and Kichesippi brews and was impressed with all of them. Looking forward to trying the Hockley Valley brews!

Ashton Brewing Company (Ashton):

Clocktower Brewpub (Ottawa)

Hockley Valley Brewing Company (Orangeville)

Kichesippi Beer Co (Ottawa)

Mill Street Brewery (Ottawa & Toronto)



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2 Responses to Savvy Company’s Sip, Savour & ‘Selebrate’! +CONTEST

  1. pudgy says:

    re: the only other winery that produces a pinot meunier. the other would be Vineland Estates. i’m hoping to get out there to try it one day. i always thought it was a blending grape for sparkling but never tried it as a single varietal still. pretty curious to try it!

  2. mcshawn says:

    Indeed you are correct. I liked the Keint-He PM, but at 2X+ the price of the Vineland Estates, it is a premium wine. Brian Schmidt is really kicking it with his PM and it just keeps getting better and better. Definitely worth a try when you are down (as is his Elevation Riesling 2011, and any of the Reserve Cabernet Franc). Plus they have aged Rieslings and such for sale in the showroom…pretty unique.

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