Seriously Cool Indian Food Pairing

The i4c2013 (International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration, 2013 Edition) countdown is on, with events kicking off this Friday, July 19th and continuing through the weekend. I audaciously declared that this should indeed be #ChardWeek on Twitter, making a play on words of the well-known “SharkWeek” that the Discovery Channel runs every summer. Well one thing led to another and the next thing you know Paul Dearborn has Calvin Hanselmann and I giving digital “chores” to our kids who generated the following “posters” for Chardnado. You all do know about Sharknado, right?

My daughter's poster for Chardnado

My daughter’s poster for Chardnado

Calvin Hanselmann's 12 year old son made this one

Calvin Hanselmann’s 12 year old son made this one

Enough about Chardnado – back to the food pairing program.

So what’s on the agenda at the Cool Chardonnay celebration? Well many of the events are sold out, but a few still have tickets left (see the complete list of events with tickets still available at the bottom of this post). One that is surprisingly not sold out involves two of my favourite things – Indian food and Ontario Chardonnay! The only reason I can explain that it hasn’t sold out yet is that many Ontario folks may not know who Vikram Vij is. Vikram runs two pretty well-known Indian restaurants in the Vancouver area (Vij’s and Rangoli). Mark Bittman once stated that Vij’s was “easily among the finest Indian restaurants in the world”. Back in 2006 my wife and I had a 4-day weekend planned in Vancouver. We turned it into a foodie-quest, and an old friend Roland Tanglao of suggested a list of places we had to try. Vij’s was his top Indian food restaurant in the city and he said it was a ‘must try”, so of course we dined there and it was indeed spectacular.

Vikram Vij brings his inspired Indian cooking to i4c2013

Vikram Vij brings his inspired Indian cooking to i4c2013

Fast forward to this weekend. With three pairing choices, Vikram is joined by long time friend Peter Bodnar-Rod who is going to try to match Chardonnay with the recipes. Chardonnay? Doesn’t everyone know that Riesling (or as a close 2nd, Gewurtztraminer) is the perfect match for spicy Indian food? Riesling is the obvious and easy choice, the residual sugar in an off-dry cooling the spice of the food. I really want to see what Peter does to create a successful pairing. If you hurry up, you too can have a chance to see it in person – here’s the link. And if you manage to attend, drop over and say “Hi” – I’ll be the guy in the Chardnado T-Shirt!

Other Events With Tickets Still Available


Global Perspectives on Chardonnay – keynote from Steven Spurrier and panel discussion, blind tasting, lunch – Special trade price: $75

8 Chefs. 8 Grills. – official kick-off –
No fixed cap on attendance.


Lunch: Merroir VS Terroir – Pillitteri – a cool oyster tasting (Tide & Vine) with corresponding Chards, followed by a Lobster Crack and other seafood –

Lunch: The Human Influence – Stratus – a more intimate luncheon in the press alley with great wine and discussion accompanied by Chef Steven Treadwell’s cuisine –

Lunch: From the Ground Up – Southbrook – a first-time event – Southbrook will host in their winery among fermenters and barrels. Food from Chef Cory Linkson, AG Inspired Cuisine –

What’s in a glass? Riedel Tasting – Ravine – session and a set of Riedel glasses included for $70 (glass have $127.50 value) –

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