Day 10: 2008 Aleksander Estate Winery Chambourcin – A Guest Post by Gary Killops

Aleksander 2008 Chambourcin

Aleksander 2008 Chambourcin

I buy a lot of Ontario wine and as a result I have quite a few bottles in my cellar. This really shouldn’t be a problem but this summer after buying a few cases of wine on a weekend trip to Niagara I realized that I had no more room. My cellar was full.

I know, I know a problem that many might be happy to have.

My problem is that while I had the best intension to inventory every bottle in my cellar, I never got around to doing it. This has lead to some exciting surprises when I grab a bottle of wine that I didn’t know I had.

I do buy wines to cellar. I enjoy aged wines but not every wine is meant to be put away for an extended period of time.

While making room in the cellar for the bottles I brought home from Niagara I came across some interesting wines that needed to be opened.

Aleksander 2008 Chambourcin

Aleksander 2008 Chambourcin

This 2008 Chambourcin from Aleksandar Estate Winery in Lake Erie north Shore was one of them.

I opened a bottle of this wine some six years ago. My tasting notes from June 2009 (click link).

In the glass the juice was clear, with very little colour change. There was a hint of oxidation on the nose. Impressed that the red cherry and cranberry fruits were still present.

I would never have recommended keeping this wine for 6 years however this one surprised me. It was still drinkable. Opened a year ago the oxidative fault may not have been there. Not that I would expect you have any in your cellar, but if by chance you do …. Drink ‘em up now!

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